Solving your refueling needs in 15.000+ fuel stations all over Europe.
Greca Transport, is committed to make your customer experience as effortless as possible by handling, in the most personal way, your cargo safely and on time.
In this direction we developed a strategic cooperation with Eurowag, a Europe leader in fuel card solutions for transport companies.
  • Competitive prices for quality fuel.
  • Wide acceptance network in 30 countries, consisting of more than 15,000 fuel stations across Europe.
  • Access to EuroWag’s platform. Find out all prices and rates per country and region.
  • All your invoices in one place. Never lose a transaction or worry about receipts. All statements are available digitally.
  • Reliable fraud protection with built-in safety features like SMS locking system.
  • Safe cash-free fuel. Make cashless payments in any currency.
  • Take control of fuel costs and understand your spending. Detailed reports show you exactly how much you’re spending.
  • Fuel card can also be used to make payments for additional services, including truck washing, tank cleaning and parking.
  • VAT refund from all countries.
  • Refund of excise duty from Spain, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.



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